Duhallow Work & Training Opportunites for Women

IRD Duhallow Work Opportunities for Women will provide training and personal development supports for women which will enhance women’s skills and importantly enhance women’s access to employment

IRD Duhallow is delighted to announce that it has been awarded funding through the Department of Justice and Equality supporting ESF PEIL Gender Equality – Women Returning to the Workforce.

This funding will provide a great opportunity to support women who may want to increase their self-confidence and assertiveness skills whilst also having the opportunity to take part in a series of training programmes, both accredited and non-accredited which will enhance women’s access to employment.

This training will be primarily targeted at women who are:

  • engaged in home duties;
  • Newly unemployed not on the live register;
  • may have left the workforce but are now preparing to return to employment;
  • Women parenting alone;
  • Women with disabilities;
  • Carers;
  • Newly located to the area;
  • Migrant Women;

Importantly childcare may be subsidised where applicable for a person whilst undertaking the training programme. All training will be delivered in the James O’Keeffe Institute, Newmarket.

Upcoming Training and Seminars will include:

Personal Development Training Course:

An eight-week Personal Development training programme will be delivered which will include the following modules: Positive versus Negative Thinking, Saying No, Developing Self – Esteem, Rights and Responsibilities, Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution, Anger Management, Listening to your Intuition, Management of Feelings.

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Care of the Elderly QQI Level 5:

The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to meet the full range of needs of older people in a variety of care settings. The course will take place for 1 night a week for 10 weeks in the James O’Keeffe Institute, Newmarket.

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Deciding Your Future Workshops- CV Preparation & Interview Skills:

This programme will focus on group workshops which will comprise of learning how to create a powerful targeted CV to win interviews and to write cover letters which will sell your CV to potential employers. Importantly participants will be shown the smart way to job hunt in today’s fast moving environment and develop methods for researching employers and prepare for that all important interview. A person centered approach will be developed.

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Psychometric Testing:

This will help you to identify your Unique Selling Points. This workshop will allow women to understand their strongest skills and competencies when seeking employment.

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Dressing and Styling for An Interview:

This interactive ‘Dressing For Work Seminar’, will teach you which colours & style of clothes will suit your shape, personality and lifestyle. We will also look at those “Finishing Touches” to include hair, makeup, interview techniques and body language.
The session will include a colour demonstration on each person, advice on the best styles for your body shape, proportion and scale and we will finish by discussing interview looks (for different sectors) and how to create a working wardrobe that works for YOU so you look and act the part and you get the job!

For further information & booking please click here.

Outsmart Stress and Anxiety” Seminar:

Would you like to be able to harness your stress and anxiety to work for you? This Taster Talk will look at stress and anxiety from a practical approach. Presented by: Counselling psychologist Marianne Wall from Smart Psychology. Are you curious to learn about stress and anxiety? Marianne Wall is a registered Counselling Psychologist with Smart Psychology and will present a Taster Talk “Outsmart Stress and Anxiety”. This taster talk aims to give you a fresh insight into stress and anxiety and tips on how to outsmart it. Smart Psychology uses a practical approach to making sense of your thoughts, action and feelings so that you can begin to understand what makes you tick and the skills needed to overcome the stressors that life can throw at you. This talk may be the starting point that you are looking for to begin living a fuller and happier life. For further information &  booking please click here.

“Moms Matter” Workshops-A Group for Mother’s Who Work in the Home:

This project will be geared specifically at mothers who work in the home.  The six sessions in this project are aimed at rebuilding mothers’ self-esteem and confidence in their own abilities, not just as caregivers, but as individuals, separate from everybody else. The project aims to build strong relationships and a support network through which women can gain friendship, support, and encouragement to strive for more positive outcomes for themselves. As the series progresses the mothers will have the opportunity to voice issues that present in being a stay at home mom, what they feel could combat these issues, and what they wish others knew.

Sessions will include – My Identity; Getting to Know Me Again (Part 1); Coping with the Hustle and Bustle of Everyday Life; Getting to Know Me Again (Part 2); Being a “Good Enough” Mom and Becoming Integrated.

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Parenting Skills Workshop:

This workshop will focus on promoting healthy families through the development of simple, strategic and more positive parenting techniques. This workshop is of benefit to parents and carers of children of all ages. It is also a workshop which could be beneficial to those working in the childcare sector, particularly on a one-to-one or small group basis.

Modules will include: Why love matters; Behaviour management; Building self-esteem and resilience (Problem solving with children); Building and maintaining a healthy routine; Accessing your inner child (play for children); Generation Z and Generation Alpha – Minding and monitoring the tech generation.

Basic Excel:

The aim of this training course is to provide participants with the necessary skills required to produce reports using spreadsheets incorporating various calculations, professional formatting & graphical charts. It is important that individuals have a basic working knowledge of Microsoft Windows. Ideally each client would have access to a computer system where Microsoft Excel is available to maximum learning after the training is completed.

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ECDL Start

This training course is the perfect first step for learners seeking to gain a solid base of I.T. skills and knowledge and demonstrate that you have attained a minimum level of digital literacy. Modules will include Microsoft Word, Excel, Internet & Email and File Management.

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Stress Management & Mindful Living Workshops:

On completion of this 2-day workshop learners will have:

  • Learned simple methods to live your life more mindfully and with less stress.
  • Become more aware of maintaining balance in the current fast paced world & learning valuable tools on how to achieve and maintain this balance.
  • Feel more empowered in relationships by knowing how to mindfully communicate effectively.
  • Learned techniques to help reduce stress build up in the body and mind.
  • Have gained an understanding of the art of mindful eating.
  • Learned about the power of meditation and meditation techniques.
  • Become aware of triggers of stress and develop techniques on returning to balance and calm.
  • Learned about the benefits of open communication.
  • Have an understanding of the power of decluttering.

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Other courses which include:


For further information on the programme please call Jacinta/ Mary on 029-60633 or email [email protected] or [email protected]. Courses can also be booked online at https://www.irdduhallow.com/upcoming-events/.

This project is part supported by the Irish Government and the European Social Fund (ESF) Fund 2014-2020 as part of the Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning (PEIL) 2014-2020.

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