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Course Applicants are requested to complete this application form so that we can establish your requirements and ensure you get the appropriate training. Please note that you may be contacted one year following your participation on the training course to determine how you have progressed.

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We will contact you about the next available course running in your area of interest.

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*Please enter your full names as stated on your birth cert, your date of birth and PPS number in order for the training company to process your certificate upon completion of all requirements for this training programme. Please note that failure to supply us with correct information may result in a delay in certification.

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What do you hope to achieve on completing this course?
Do you require childcare assistance to attend this course?
(Please note that Childcare costs can only be covered in relation to registered crèche or registered child minder and a copy of the Birth Certificate must be supplied – It is important to note a small contribution may be given for childcare costs but we are not in a position to cover the full amount)
Do you have any literacy issues or disability requirements that you need assistance with in
order to complete this training module? If yes, please detail:
Is there other training that you would like to see IRD Duhallow completing in the future? If so
please specify?


The European Social Fund is making funds available for this project. The European Commission asks for a profile of the people who take part in ESF-supported events. To enable us to gather this information, you are asked to complete this questionnaire

Please select the appropriate box under each section below by selecting the corresponding box. All information given here will be treated in confidence and does not identify you personally.

Your Gender
Current Employment Status
Your Age Bracket
Your Highest Educational Attainment
Equality and Social Inclusion

The European Union has a strong focus on social inclusion and equality. It asks that Ireland gather statistics on members of minority groups availing of ESF supported actions. You are asked to indicate if you are a member of a minority group as follows:
EU Structural Fund
European Social Fund
Dept of Justice and Equality
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