Employment & Training

The Employment and Training Working Group are conscious of the impact of long-term unemployment

IRD Duhallow’s Employment and Training Working Group provides initiatives which allow access to Employment, Training and Education opportunities for disadvantaged individuals within the Duhallow community. We are conscious that not all people respond to unemployment in the same manner. The impact of unemployment on an individual depends on a variety of factors. An individual’s savings, unemployment benefits and education play a part in how much of an impact a person experiences because of unemployment. Understanding the negative effects of unemployment helps people to cope and prepare themselves to seek other employment opportunities.

IRD Duhallow provides a range of employment activation initiatives with the aim of supporting people who are both short and long term unemployed, to secure and sustain future full time paid employment.

Community Education and Lifelong Learning

Adult education has both direct and indirect impacts. The former is much easier to measure, particularly the concrete outcomes of formal learning such as qualifications, new skills etc. However, adult education also has indirect impacts, such as greater confidence and improved social networks which are more difficult to measure, but perhaps no less significant. Through our Community Education and Lifelong Learning approach we aim to support individuals across a range of disciplines including having a positive impact on physical health; mental health and also having an impact on children’s health and wellbeing. In 2018/2019 over 150 individuals have been supported through our SICAP Goal 2 meaure – providing lifelong learning opportunities through a range of different programmes including: CPR Irish Heart Foundation training; Cooking for one workshop; CPR for paediatric, infant and adult casualty; Lego play skills workshops; Stop Food Waste; Art for Beginners; Angling for Beginners; Bee-keeping workshops; Basic Make Up skills; Digital Photography to name but a few of the programmes delivered. The demand for these courses show their need in the area and the positive feedback received from evaluations and tutors are a reinforcement for how community education and lifelong learning contributes to empowering people to develop their confidence and feel included.

Labour Market Activation

Through our Labour Market Activation measure we aim to provide programmes that are flexible and responsive. This entails different programmes depending on where the client is at, for example some people are relatively close to the labour market and “job ready” and may need short term job specific training whilst other individuals may need more intensive supports and guidance and require one to one assistance to help overcome the challenges they face. A range of training has been delivered over the last year to meet the varying needs including Safe Pass training, Front Line Office Skills, Warehouse Operative training and Good Agricultural Practices.