Employment & Training

The Employment and Training Working Group are conscious that the long term unemployed still account for approximately 59.9% of total unemployment and that the jobs market still continues to be variable.

Young people under 25 years, lower skilled workers and crafts people have also been affected by the downturn and are operating in economic circumstances that have not been seen before. According to the census 2011 the unemployment rate for persons who had attained at most a primary education was 33.7%, this compares with an unemployment rate of 7.8% of persons with a third level degree or higher. Therefore, there is not only a need for re-training and up-skilling but also a need to provide an opportunity for some to gain a Leaving Certificate or equivalent and in many of these cases low self-esteem is also an inhibitor. IRD Duhallow has identified the need for skill specific training accompanied by actions to build the confidence of participants and to enable them to deal with challenges presented by difficult personal circumstances.