Quality And Qualifications Ireland (QQI)

Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) is the Irish state awarding body for further education and training in Ireland.

QQI awards are available at community learning centre’s, schools and colleges and some workplaces. Learners must complete a number of modules in order to achieve a QQI Certificate at any level. These can be mixed and matched between the levels, and existing awards that a learner may have are also counted towards an award. Employers will also recognise your abilities and skills because QQI awards are quality assured.

The different levels are as follows:

QQI Level 1 & 2 Certificate (NFQ Level 1 & 2)

These are new certified QQI levels for those returning to the education system or may be engaging with learning for the first time. They are suitable for the needs of learners, both young and old, and those with intellectual or other disabilities, people returning to educations, with few  Courses at this level are about basic skills and confidence building and are also a good starting point for people wishing to progress to Junior Certificate or Level 3 QQI. Each certificate comprises a number of components, most often in basic literacy and numeracy, which the learner can achieve at their own pace and accumulate over time towards one of the named certificates above.

QQI Level 3/ Junior Certificate

QQI Level 3 courses require learners to have basic skills in reading, writing, maths and communications. Some examples of courses at this level included basic computers, communications, and office procedures.

QQI Level 4/ Leaving Certificate

QQI Level 4 courses at this level require learners to have a reasonable level of skills in reading, writing and maths. Level 4 courses also develop and expand on skills gained at level 3, and are an excellent preparation for undertaking the Leaving Certificate Examinations, level 5 QQI or an apprenticeship. This is also a requirement for entry to many forms of employment.

QQI Level 5 (Leaving Certificate)

Level 5 awards are the equivalent of the Leaving Certificate and is an excellent preparation and link into Third Level study, and entry into a wide range of occupations. Courses at this level include childcare, special needs, office work, home care and health care.

Advanced Certificate (NFQ Level 6)

This award enables learners to develop a comprehensive range of skills. Modules include advanced vocational/occupational skills, enabling certificate holders to work independently or progress to higher education and training or take up positions of employment.

Higher Certificate (NFQ Level 6)

The Higher Certificate is normally awarded after completion of a programme of two years duration (120 ECTS credits). Entry to these programmes is generally for school leavers and those with the necessary equivalent qualifications.

A Certificate holder at this level may transfer to a programme on the next level of the framework.

Ordinary Bachelors Degree (NFQ Level 7)

Courses at this level are provided in Institute of Technologies and Universities and is usually awarded after completion of a three year programme. Learners are awarded an ordinary degree in their chosen field such as Business Studies, Childcare and Social Care etc. Learners are usually after completing their Leaving Certificate before entry to this programme.

Honours Bachelor Degree/ Higher Diploma (NFQ Level 8)

Learners taking part in courses at this level receive Honours level degrees in chosen field. These courses are usually three to four years in duration. These are offered in a variety of Colleges and Universities. Examples of these courses are Primary School Teaching, Arts, Psychology and Nursing.

Masters Degree/ Post- Graduate Diploma (NFQ Level 9)

Courses at this level are awarded with a Masters degree following the completion of a one or two year Masters Programme. There are two types of masters: Taught Masters and Research Masters which are both offered by Universities and Higher Education Institutes.  Entry to a programme leading to a taught Masters Degree is typically for holders of Honours Bachelor Degrees.

Doctoral Degree/ Higher Doctorate (NFQ Level 10)

An Honours Bachelor Degree is usually requires for entry to a Doctoral Programme. These are usually 3-4 years in duration and are awarded by universities, Institutes of Technology and Quality and Qualifications Ireland.

A higher Doctorate Award recognises excellent and distinguished contributions to learning. It may be used by individuals for career progression to advanced levels of research. This award is assessed by the awarding body for each individual provider. The learner will usually hold a first doctorate or equivalent.

For more information on QQI Awards please visit http://www.qqi.ie/.

IRD Duhallow have successfully held a number of QQI (previously Fetac) Courses over the years. These include some of the following:

  • Customer Service QQI Level 5
  • Occupational First Aid QQI Level 5
  • Reception and Frontline Office Skills QQI Level 5
  • Special Needs Assisting QQI Level 5
  • Professional Management Training QQI Level 5
  • Train the Trainer QQI Level 5
  • Caring for the Elderly QQI Level 5
  • Infection Prevention and Control QQI Level 5

For information on any upcoming QQI Accredited courses taking place in IRD Duhallow please keep an eye on our monthly newsletter or on the upcoming courses section on our website.