Hands of Duhallow

IRD Duhallow’s Craft group – ‘Hands of Duhallow’ – was set up to represent the local artists and craft makers in the Duhallow area

Hands of Duhallow aims to stimulate a renewed interest in local hand-produced Arts and Crafts and many of the new craft businesses that have been supported by IRD Duhallow. Links have been established with the Crafts Council of Ireland to strengthen and create more flexibility for the network of artists and craft enterprises and an ambitious strategic plan for the group is in place.

The objective of the group is:

  • To provide a voice for Craft Workers in the Duhallow region.
  • To facilitate an exchange of ideas between craft workers.
  • To agree objectives for the development of the craft sector in the region.
  • To plan and implement a programme of activities agreed by IRD Duhallow in the short, medium and long term.

If you are interested in joining the Hands of Duhallow network or have any queries about the network, please contact Louise Bourke at 029-60633.