Environmental Forum

Our environment is a unique, finite and irreplaceable asset; it is valuable both in its own right and for the health, well-being, and enjoyment of all people.

The importance of our environment is now widely accepted and it is acknowledged as a vital part of our common heritage. It is up to every organisation to develop goals to ensure environmental sustainability becomes embedding their strategies.

IRD Duhallow’s Environmental Forum has put actions in place in order to maintain and further develop a sustainable environment for Duhallow. The forum has identified objectives which will further enshrine our commitment to promoting sustainable initiatives throughout the organisation and these include: environmental awareness raising campaigns, endorsing sustainable land use, protection of habitats and ecosystems, promotion of ecotourism, protection of endangered species and conservation of hedgerows.

The Environmental Forum consists of representatives from IRD Duhallow, Birdwatch Ireland, Coolwood Wildlife Park, National Parks & Wildlife, Inland Fisheries Ireland, Upper Blackwater Anglers Federation, Agricultural Working Group (IRD Duhallow), Dept of Zoology, Ecology & Plant Science UCC and the Marine Institute.

In the past number of years the Environmental Forum spearheaded a number of very important environmental initiatives such as the LIFE+ Project, the Grow it Yourself Initiative and Duhallow Bird Watching Group which are just some of many.

The Environmental Forum has provided technical assistance and support to the LIFE project team through our monthly meetings on a range of environmental issues including Himalayan balsam and its removal, pearl mussel, various bird species and biodiversity and also project promotion. For more information please contact 029-60633.