Duhallow Community Group Supports

Bereavement Support Service

IRD Duhallow operates a voluntary run Bereavement Support Service which provides a free and confidential listening service to people who have been bereaved or experienced a loss in their lives in Duhallow. Trained volunteers provide both one to one and group sessions for people who are able to avail of this service regardless of their financial circumstances or geographical location.

All volunteers are highly trained and have much experience in the area. IRD Duhallow is always interested in training new volunteers for this service. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please fill out the Volunteer Application Form.

For further information on this service please visit the IRD Duhallow Bereavement Support Group page on this website.

Domestic Violence Support Service

REMEMBER: Domestic Violence can affect anyone – YOUNG and OLD, MALE and FEMALE

Does it affect you?
Don’t get confused – if you are afraid get out now!

Domestic violence is a pattern of power and control by one person against another, be it a boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, husband, wife and/or family members. It includes three types of abuse: physical, emotional and sexual.

One in eight households in Ireland suffers from domestic violence. You are not alone. Abuse occurs in families from every financial, religious, cultural and educational background.

IRD Duhallow is committed to working together to promote and ensure the safety and welfare of men, women and children in situations of domestic violence. This will be achieved through raising awareness and understanding of the dynamics of violence and enhancing and developing new, strategic support services for people experiencing violence.


  • the abuse is not your fault
  • you do not deserve to be abused
  • you have the right to make your own choices and decisions
  • your children should never be afraid in their own home

For further information on IRD Duhallow’s Domestic Violence Helpline and a list of helplines please click here