Youth and Education

IRD Duhallow’s Youth & Education Working Group promotes social, personal and educational development of young people in Duhallow.

The promotion of socially inclusive initiatives is vital for youth in Duhallow and this is a priority of the Youth & Education Working Group. It has extensive representation from all the relevant youth bodies including Primary & Secondary Level Schools, Youth Clubs, Youth Organisations and An Garda Síochana.

Supporting the integration of young people in rural areas is a major priority of IRD Duhallow and youth is considered horizontally across all integrated programmes. To ensure a more effective targeting of young people, IRD Duhallow’s Youth and Education working group has highlighted the need to encourage greater involvement of young people through the LEADER programming period 2014-2020. While many projects in the past have targeted rural youth, those that are designed and implemented directly by young people themselves are less prevalent. In 2014, a series of consultations took place with over 250 young people representing all secondary schools, primary schools and youth clubs etc. These consultations took place to ensure that the needs of young people are articulated in a coordinated way.