Basic Make-Up Application

Basic Make-Up Application

1st March 2018
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

James O Keeffe Institute

Course Description

Basic make up and skin care techniques are very important for women young and old in the community. Having a grasp of these techniques help women to realise which products are beneficial and what products best suit their needs and expectations. Having basic make up skills give women the confidence to shop for particular products they know that they can use and not be bombarded and overwhelmed with over advertised make up products.

This course will also help women with minimal knowledge of skin care in order to give women the knowledge of what products suit what skin types both young and old.

Course Content

This six-week course will include Foundation choices, application of primer & foundation cream, Day make up, Night make up, Smokey eye application, tips for older and younger make up applications etc.