Manual Handling Instructor

Manual Handling Instructor

23rd April 2018
9:30 am - 5:30 pm

James O'Keeffe Institute

Places remaining: 5
Cost: €€350.00 (Plus booking fee)

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Course Name: Manual Handling Instructor

Start Date: 23rd, 24th, 25th April & 30th April & 1st May

Day: Mon – Wed ; Mon  Tuesday

Time: 9.30am – 5.30pm

Duration: 5 Days

Venue: James O’Keeffe Institute

Fee: €350

Accreditation: QQI L6

Who should attend: This programme is open to all learners, specifically those who have a responsibility in Health & Safety within their work environment either operational and/or services training. Some learners may have past experience in delivering training or safety solutions to industry or they may be acting within
a safety capacity in a business.
Duration: 5 days.

Presenters: Delivered by a qualified Manual Handling Instructor (who is also a qualified trainer and a Member of Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) and a registered physiotherapist, with a background in training.

Programme Objectives:
o To enable the learners to explain the main components of relevant health and safety legislation.
o To understand the main components of the spinal column.
o Enable the learner to Instruct on theory and techniques of safe Manual Handling.
o To enable the learner to conduct manual handling task risk assessments related to various organisation needs.
o To enable the learner to gain the knowledge about recommended preventative, measures in order to eliminate or reduce the associated risk of injury while carrying out manual handling tasks.
o To enable the learner to identify ergonomic risks and recommended control measures.
o To enable the learner to develop skills for the lifting and handling of loads safely.
o To analyse the learners performance of manual handling techniques.
o To enable learners to develop skills to understand adult learning principles
o To enable the learner to prepare suitable instructional Manual Handling Courses for relevant work places.
o To enable learners identify that learning principles are understood.
o To enable the learner to conform with the guidance on Manual Handling training laid down by the H.S.A.
Programme Duration:
Module 1 (Day 1): Manual Handling Legislation/Instructor Responsibilities
Module 2 (Day 1): The Manual Handling Training Course
Module 3 (Day 1): Manual Handling Workplace Risk Assessment
Module 4 (Day 2): Delivery Techniques, Teaching a Manual Handling Course
Module 5 (Day 2): Developing & Planning a Manual Handling Training Course
Module 6 (Day 3): The Musculoskeletal System, Anatomy & Working Physiology-
Module 7(Day 4): Learning Techniques –
Day 5: Revision of Modules 1-7, Group Discussion, Preparation for Practical Exam
Practical Exam
Practical Presentation

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