Community Water Biodiversity Training

IRD Duhallow are seeking participants from our communities to participate in a LEADER Funded Local Water Quality and Aquatic Biodiversity Training course

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The key aim of this free training is to conserve and improve the natural resource potential of water courses in the region, promote sustainable water based activity, citizen science and community based bottom up approaches to water conservation and protection. This training will also include the creation of local ‘Water Biodiversity Actions Plans’ in catchments in and around Duhallow. We will do this by equipping individuals and groups with the knowledge and skills so that they can plan for water biodiversity in their local area. The course is “bottom up” in design and we encourage participants to share their own expertise and knowledge of their local rivers and streams. This course is open to all who register.

This programme consists of 8 modules covering the following topics

  • Understanding Your Local Waterbody (how catchments work, the water cycle, the riparian zone – connecting land and water)
  • Water Quality & Impacts (sources of freshwater supply)
  • Citizen Science
  • Practical Field Work Skills
  • Water Biodiversity Action Plans

This training will enable community groups/ individuals to learn more about environmental stewardship and develop projects relevant to their local ‘waterbody’. A waterbody can be a stream, river, spring, pond, lake, (turlough, bay, estuary) etc

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.