Feng Shui for Family & Voluntary Carers

Feng Shui for Family & Voluntary Carers

16th September 2021
7:00 pm


Places remaining: 14
Cost: €5.00 (Plus booking fee)

Feng Shui for well being and balance 

This workshop focuses on creating a stable centre from which we can radiate balance into every area of our lives. Focusing on the central core of our spaces we  look at ways to improve the balance in our lives by first clearing out any stagnation, or heavy residual energy which may well be lingering after the past year.

We look at the flow of the five elements, and ways we can improve our own individual sense of health and wellbeing by introducing supportive elements and by moving the energy along to create an open, vibrant centre to our homes.

We  connect to our homes on a vibrational level, connecting to where the energy may feel stagnant or stuck in a rut, or where it may feel chaotic and overstimulated, addressing this to find our own personal balance point.

We explore fragrant chi in the form of healing aromatherapy oils which we can introduce to release anxiety, fear or lethargy and invite in refreshed, relaxed and emotionally uplifting energy into our homes.

This is a process of “exhaling” what is not longer helpful, in order to “inhale” what we need, to feel vibrantly healthy and supported in our homes.

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.