Insights Into Dementia

Insights Into Dementia

4th November 2019
7:00 pm

James O Keeffe Institute
Places remaining: 8
Cost: €€10.00 (Plus booking fee)

Insights Into Dementia

6 Mondays

Why Undertake Insights into Dementia?

Carers are often left to cope with the consequences of a diagnosis of dementia
in their families with little or no practical information to support them.
The Insights into Dementia—Informing and Empowering Family Carers programme is
designed to help family carers understand the condition and increase their confidence
in their ability to care.


The course also provides opportunities for carers to meet other carers and share their
experiences. Delivered by The Alzheimer Society of Ireland’s experienced staff members, the
Insights course will provide you with new information on dementia and give you time
and space to reflect on your own caring experience, whilst listening to and learning
from other carers’ experiences.

Comments from previous course participants
“The range of topics was very good and I found them very beneficial. Being able to
talk to other carers was very helpful also.”

“It helped me to understand what I already
know and to see situations in a different,
more positive light.”

“I enjoyed meeting other people with the
same problems and hearing their solutions.”

“The sharing was important.”

“The course tutors were excellent—couldn’t praise them enough.”

Week 1 Introduction to Dementia
Changing Relationships

Week 2 Communication
Responding to Changes in Behaviour

Week 3 Nutrition and Eating Well
Engaging in Life Activities

Week 4 Assisting With Personal Care
Safety at Home

Week 5 Looking After Yourself as a Carer
Accessing Information

Week 6 Care Delivery Action Plan
Certificate Presentation


Please note, the course is only available for family carers, i.e. people who are caring for a family relative, e.g. spouse, parent, grandparent etc. Please also note that the family carer doesn’t necessarily have to be the primary carer. Also, we ask that the person being cared for has a formal dementia diagnosis – this is to safeguard participants whose loved one may not actually have dementia.

Booking for this course can only be made by emailing: [email protected] or phoning The Alzheimer Society of Ireland on 1800 341 341

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.