Linked In for Jobseekers

Linked In for Jobseekers

30th January 2020
10:30 am

IRD Duhallow
Places remaining: 9
Cost: FREE

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LinkedIn is a social network platform that focuses on professional networking for employment and career development. You can use LinkedIn to display your CV, search for jobs, and enhance your professional reputation by posting updates and interacting with other people. This course will teach jobseekers the basics in using LinkedIn for gaining employment.

The course will cover the following topics:


  • LinkedIn & Recruitment


  • Today’s recruiting landscape
  • Why LinkedIn dominates recruitment


  • Job section on LinkedIn


  • Job seeking preferences
  • Turning on career interests
  • Applying for jobs


  • Personal Profiles


Key settings

  • Turning off “notify your feed of changes” updates
  • What is the public view of your profile?

Personal Profiles

  • The importance of a photo
  • Personal headline & keywords:
    • Examples of various keywords
    • Exercise to create a new headline.
  • Work history:
    • Essential elements

Louise Bunyan, Director of, is an award-winning digital marketing consultant, social media trainer, speaker and writer based in Co. Cork with over 15 years’ experience in communications and digital marketing. Winner of Best Marketing and Communications Blog and a LinkedIn training specialist, Louise has created a unique, practical and hands-on LinkedIn workshop full of simple tips which take away the fear of LinkedIn and replace it with empowerment and confidence so that everyone can harness the power of LinkedIn to drive their professional goals.

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