Managing Challenging Behaviour

Managing Challenging Behaviour

28th September 2019
9:00 am

James O'Keeffe Institute

Places remaining: 4
Cost: €€10.00 (Plus booking fee)

Who’s it for:

The course is for Family & Voluntary Carers

Promoting Positive Behaviour

Positive Behaviour

Promoting Positive Behaviour  helps build respectful relationships with others.

This is a practical workshop for parents / family caring for a child with special needs.

Part 1 of the workshop covers:
  1. What is challenging behaviour?
  2. Theory of understanding behaviour according to Bandura, Vygotsky Bronfenbrenner
  3. Differences between how children and adults think and how this might impact on behaviour
  4. Identify different styles of parenting /leadership style: Laissez-faire, democratic and authoritarian
  5. Exploration of how the adult responds to challenging behaviour?
Part 2 of the workshop covers:
  1. Strategies to support parents in the promotion of appropriate behaviour. Implementation of the setting of appropriate boundaries
  2. Exploration of supporting children in Conflict resolution using High Scope conflict resolutions 6 steps
  3. Exploration of prevention strategies of conflict resolution.
  4. Discussion on the importance of consistency amongst practitioners and parents when dealing with conflict resolution and the promotion of appropriate behaviour Examine environmental factors which may impact on behavior
  5. Outline approaches which can be introduced to facilitate and encourage partnership and participation between the children and practitioners within your service.

4h workshop

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