Personal Development and Careers Program for Family & Voluntary Carers- 5 Week course

Personal Development and Careers Program for Family & Voluntary Carers- 5 Week course

14th October 2021
9:30 am

IRD Duhallow
Places remaining: 8
Cost: €10.00 (Plus booking fee)

Join us on a journey towards improved self- awareness, an appreciation of your strengths, skills and previous successes all while learning tools to manage day to day pressures.

We are thrilled to have Kieran Butler from Future Careers deliver this five-week course combining Personal Development and introductory career management concepts and activities.

We would love to have you join us!

Thursday mornings 9.30am-11.30am on the 14th October, 21st October, 4th November, 11th November, 18th November

Workshop 1: Self- Exploration

  • Develop appreciation of our strengths, values, drivers.
  • Confidence: Exploration of what we are good at, that gives us confidence and a sense of competence.
  • Communicate our strengths in a positive way. Exploration of the language we use to describe ourselves. Identify where we sell ourselves short.
  • Introduction to work/life balance/ self-care tips and options. Introduction to simple mindful exercises

Workshop 2: Managing Change

  • Introduction to the Cycle of Change: What happens as we embark on change.
  • Introduction to Covey’s Circles of Influence
  • Reframing challenges and setbacks
  • Self-Care practices to manage change
  • Brief mindfulness session.

Workshop 3: How to set exciting goals

  • Effective goal setting approaches
  • Distinguish between end goal and performance goals
  • Importance of Accountability

Workshop 4: Career Change Preparation & Exploration

  • Revisiting Values, Motivators/Drivers
  • Personal Brand & Unique Blend of Me- what do I bring to the table

Career Success Bank

  • Needs/Wants/Wishes for the next job

Workshop 5: Today’s Labour Market: A Whistle Stop Tour of Job Hunting today.

  • Reframing the role of a Job seeker today.
  • Brief introduction to CV writing: CV types and which one to choose, exploration of the different sections of the CV and tips in effective CV writing.
  • Brief introduction to Interviews: Key principles of interview preparation and how to prepare for possible interview questions.


Bookings no longer allowed on this date.