Understanding Dementia

Understanding Dementia

9th October 2019
6:30 pm

James O Keeffe Institute
Places remaining: 10
Cost: €€10.00 (Plus booking fee)

Course Name: Understanding Dementia

Start Date: 9th October

Day of the Week: Wednesday

Time: 6.0pm -9.30pm

Duration: 1 Night

Venue: James O’Keeffe Institute, Newmarket, Co. Cork

Tuition Fee: €10  .

Accreditation: Cert of Attendance

Who’s it for:

The course is for Family & Voluntary Carers

Objectives and course outline-

1-Improve our knowledge of the understanding of the term dementia, discuss some of

the common causes, signs, symptoms, and related risk factors.

2-Enhance our knowledge of the legislation relating to supporting persons with dementia

and their caregivers.

3-Discuss some of the challenges facing persons who have dementia and the challenges

their caregivers may experience.

4-Reflect on how different people experience dementia because of varying factors.

5-Review our appreciation for a holistic team approach to develop a greater

understanding of dementia and associated concerns.

6-Encourage and appreciate the contribution of all health care professionals to the care

needs of a person who has dementia.

7-Explore signs and symptom management of dementia.

8-Discuss how the creation of safe environment may enable a person with dementia to

have a better quality of life by recognising some potential risks to their every day living.

9-Learn how to enhance our communication and relationships between residents with

dementia, their family members and us as healthcare professionals.

10-Reflect on the importance of “A Dementia Care Plan”. Mention some of the pertinent

information that each individualised care plan should contain.

11-Reflect on the importance of person centred care for each resident with dementia.

12-Familiarize ourselves with the HIQA standards with regard dementia care.

14-Reflect on the importance of the emotional wellness of the caregiver, health care

professional along the residents dementia profession.

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