VAT Update for Bookkeepers

VAT Update for Bookkeepers

28th April 2021
12:00 am


Places remaining: 4
Cost: €€150.00 (Plus booking fee)

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Course No. Bookkeeper Training Programme Date*
1 Understanding vat in Ireland (Part 1)

·         How the vat process works for each business

·         Review the main vat rates in operation in Ireland

·         Learn how to establish the vat rate of a product or service

·         Understand the difference between vat exempt and 0%

·         Be aware of the vat filing periods available to a business

·         Understand what is meant by the vat reverse charge mechanism

28th April 2021
2 Getting to grips with the vat impact of Brexit

·         Understand the key terms around Brexit

·         Review the vat treatment of transactions between Ireland and other EU countries

·         Be aware of the vat impact of importing/exporting with the UK since 1st January 2021

·         Understand what postponed vat accounting is

·         Know the difference between trading with Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK

5th May 2021
3 Understanding vat in Ireland (Part 2)

·         Learn how to validate to validate a vat number

·         Understand the key elements of a valid vat invoice

·         Be aware of the vat 2/3 rule

·         Be aware of the requirement to file a vat RTD return

·         Be aware of the requirement to file VIES returns

·         Be aware of the requirement to file Intrastat returns

19th May 2021


  • Attend our Budget and opportunities for the new year update which will be held on 1st December 2021.
  • Each course participant will have the option of joining our bookkeeper community network where you can ask questions and get solutions from other bookkeepers working in small to medium sized businesses.

The course fee is €150.00 per participant


About Ger Honohan:

I strongly believe that businesses are much more likely to grow and flourish when they understand their numbers.  Business owners and their teams can fine-tune and harness their advantages when they know their efficiencies, costs and profit margins. Equally, undesirable outcomes can be quickly identified so that corrective decisions and actions can be taken long before problems become uncontrollable.

I’m an expert at fixing broken accounting systems, training and supporting bookkeepers to professionally manage the finances of small to medium size enterprises.

I’m a qualified accountant and I work with clients that have retained our services for over 15 years. Some of our clients have grown from start-up to very successful multi-million-euro businesses.

Our accounts improvement and training programs are proven to massively increase the capability of the bookkeeper, streamline and automate tedious processes and produce reports that provide great insight for business owners.

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