Why do I have to stay with them?

As one of CoderDojo’s founders Bill Liao often says, “CoderDojo is free, but it’s not a free ride!” Parents are asked to stay for the duration of the Dojo, following best practice guidelines set out by the Coderdojo Foundation. We would appreciate parents help and would encourage parents to get involved with the Dojo supporting and guiding the kids in their learning. Hands off the keyboards though – this is about giving the kids the space to explore and embark on their own coding journey. We would encourage you not to just work with your own children directly if helping out. This is to enable the young people to have full creative freedom and to direct their own learning journeys.

The journey through the languages is long and winding. If you can travel on that road with your child, you can help them to stay on that journey and you will be able to understand, even a little of what they are doing, and where they are heading and appreciate the work that has gone into creating what may at first glance appear a simple animation.