• What will they learn?

    Scratch is the first coding tool encountered by many kids. By programming their own Scratch interactive stories, games, and animations, kids learn basic computational thinking, including how to break a problem into bite sized elements and solve it. We are also teaching the kids html and hope to… Continue Reading What will they learn?

  • How are we organised?

    The group is co-ordinated by IRD Duhallow and is based on help from technical mentors and parents. The voluntary mentors give their time to the club to share their knowledge and skills with the children. All volunteers are Garda Vetted. Together we can create an… Continue Reading How are we organised?

  • Can my child use a tablet or phone for coding?

    Unfortunately tablets and phones are not suited to learning code. Most of the coding going on in Dojos does not need a high spec modern day laptop with fast graphics. Refurbished laptops that are a few years old will work perfectly well in a dojo.