Duhallow Ancestry and Genealogy Group

The Duhallow Ancestry and Genealogy group was established to provide the people of the Duhallow region with the knowledge of genealogy

The Duhallow Ancestry and Genealogy group primarily aims to further develop the information available on notable families, groups and historical events of interest in the Duhallow region. They were established to provide the people of the Duhallow region with the knowledge of genealogy through lectures, workshops, field trips, exhibitions and publications.

Their first project was aptly on the Aldworth Family who lived in Newmarket Court, now the James O’Keeffe Institute from 1615-1926. This project links in perfectly with the restoration of the buildings on the grounds of the James O’Keeffe Institute. The group researched and compiled an exhibition on ‘The Aldworths of Newmarket Court’, with the support of IRD Duhallow. This group, of trained and dedicated volunteers, worked tirelessly over a period of 12 months in preparation for their first exhibition on the Aldworth family which took place in October 2014. This exhibition provided the community in Duhallow with a greater understanding of one of the dominant families and a provided a greater sense of awareness and appreciation of the history and genealogy of the Duhallow region in the 18th and 19th centuries. The event was launched by two of Major John Charles Oliver Aldworths’ granddaughters- Ms. Stephanie Tiley and Mrs. Elizabeth Cochrane along with extended family members.

Janet Stocks, grand-daughter to Major John C. O. Aldworth donated her collection of family papers, prior to her untimely passing in 2014. The cataloguing of this donation of papers- which are in fact a collection of Landed Estate Papers, has to date been the main focus of the in-house community archive through the past year. The collections of papers date from 1695 to 1940 and contain more than one thousand documents. The finished catalogue and scanned copies of original documents along with the work of the Duhallow Ancestry are available to view at IRD Duhallow for research purposes by appointment.

For further information on the work of the Duhallow Ancestry Group or to become a member please contact IRD Duhallow 029-60633.

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