dromtarriffe duhallowDromtariffe is a community located about six miles east of Millstreet and about six miles west of Kanturk situated on the eastern side of Duhallow. The famous Blackwater River flows through the parish and the main thoroughfare the N72 takes you west to Killarney or east to Mallow. There are over 600 households in the Dromtariffe Parish. Dromtariffe is the oldest parish in Duhallow to be named as it is today.

Dromtariffe is also a townland within the parish; here you will find the ruins of the old Dromtariffe church, which was destroyed in 1641 by Cromwellian forces during the battle of Knockbrack, which was the townland where the battle took place between Muskerrys army and Cromwell. History tells us that a large amount of lives were lost on both sides and some fled across the Blackwater to Dromtariffe church for refuge, but perished after Lord Maxwell set the church alight. A holy well is located by this church and it is tradition to hold a mass at the well every year on May 6th.

Dromtariffe Parish Hall is the hub of the community providing a social outlet for all ages, with a wide range of sporting activities, badminton, squash, basketball, indoor soccer, aerobics and circuit training and adult and kids set dancing. Also social events such as the youth club, senior citizens party, parent and toddler group, Halloween discos, kids camps and Christmas concert are held in the hall.


– Dromtariffe Parish Hall Committee
– Parents and Friends of Cope
– Dromtariffe ICA
– Dromtariffe IFA
– Dromtariffe Parent/Toddler Group
– Dromtariffe GAA Club
– Dromtariffe Basketball Club
– Dromtariffe Badminton Club
– Dromtariffe Squash Club
– Dromtariffe Youth Club

Tourist Attractions/Things to see

– Dromagh Castle
– Dromtariffe old church ruins
– Blackwater Angling
– Duhallow Walks