#YOLODuhallow Video Project

#YOLODuhallow showcased the impact of LEADER funding in Duhallow

In 2013 the IRD Duhallow Youth & Education working group and the young people of the Duhallow region came together and suggested making a YouTube video to show the impact that the LEADER funding has had in Duhallow. The video included almost 500 young people from across the Duhallow region and showcased many of the LEADER projects which have been funded by IRD Duhallow across the region. This vibrant and energetic video also featured also featured a Sminky Shorts Clip created by the famous and talented Castlemagner man Jason O’Sullivan.

The video has received several thousand views on YouTube since its launch in May 2014. This video was hugely responsible for spreading the LEADER message, of improving the quality of life in rural areas, amongst young people. You can watch the video below: