Confident Online Communications

Confident Online Communications

15th April 2021
10:00 am


Places remaining: 55
Cost: FREE

There are a limited number of Free places on this course for those who wish to avail.
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Communications Coaching aimed at maximising your performance when communicating via Video Conferencing Platforms

Our training focuses on using the Body, Breath and Voice to maximise performance when communicating.  This one hour Masterclass will focus on what can be done to increase the impact made when communicating online via video conferencing platforms- applying both Verbal & Non-Verbal communication techniques to help to become better online communicators.

Learning Outcomes:

Prep & Warm Ups

    • Learn Grounding / Tension Release Exercises
    • Learn how to warm up vocally ahead of online presentations

Maximising Impact & Influence Online

  • Develop a confident and credible physical online presence
  • Learn how to use your Body, Breath and Voice to connect you with your online audience
  • How to deal with Non-Active Listeners
  • Maintaining confidence when speaking into ‘The Void’
  • Managing technical glitches when presenting online.
  • Managing groups of people when presenting online.

Verbal & Non-Verbal – Online

  • Understand how to use your voice to influence and inspire when presenting online
  • How to use Eye Contact and Non-Verbal Communication to maximum effect
  • Understanding the importance of Vocal Techniques – Tone / Pitch / Pause / Timbre / Projection

This workshop is also ideal for anyone communicating via online platforms where English is their second language.

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