Kanturk Mid-Summer Festival Opens

Event Details:
Kanturk Mid-Summer Festival Opens
21st June 2019
8:00 pm

Town Park, Kanturk

kanturk midsummer festival

Kanturk Mid-Summer Festival will be an eclectic mix of literature, music, arts & crafts celebrating the summer solstice and making people aware of the vast array of activities and skills in Duhallow. On Friday, in the town park there will be a book launch and musical entertainment on hand to entertain the whole family. A local author will launch a collection of short stories and there will be readings and American bluegrass. It will commence at 8p.m. and is free.

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These are some photos from the Kanturk Midsummer Arts Festival in June 2019:

The organisers of this event also organised the wonderful Kanturk Arts Festival earlier in 2019 these are some photographs from that event in March: